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Supply List for Workshops and Classes

I don't recommend student grade supplies 


Watercolor Paints: I recommend Holbein Watercolor paint because one can squeeze the whole tube into your palette and it won't dry to a big rocky clump. When left to dry they become instantly workable when you put a wet brush against the pigment in your palette. No pre-wetting needs to be done.

The Holbein colors I use are listed in Parentheses. You don't have to get these exact colors; colors close to them are just fine. Just look for a good range of colors.


Burnt Sienna (Holbein Light Red)
Raw Umber (Holbein Quin gold, Yellow ochre)
Orange (Holbein Permanent Yellow Orange or Brilliant Orange)
Cadmium Yellow Lt. (Holbein Permanent Yellow Light)
Cadmium Red Lt. (Holbein Scarlet Lake)
Alizarin Crimson (Holbein Crimson Lake)

Cerulean Blue (Holbein Horizon Blue)
Violet (Holbein Permanent Violet & Holbein Lavender)
Cobalt Blue (Holbein Peacock Blue)
Ultramarine Blue (Holbein Ultramarine Deep)

Phthalo Blue (Holbein Prussian Blue)

Titanium White
Black (Any one)


Nylon brushes are great for the price

1 1/4 Inch Flat Brush
#16 Round Brush
#4 Rigger Round Brush
1/2 Inch Flat Brush
1/4 Inch Flat Brush

#8 Round Brush

• Get good paper, no Spiral bound watercolor paper. I recommend Legions 300lb Stonehenge Aqua cold press 140 & 300lb single sheets or blocks of paper are also okay. Arches is alright too. You will need Quarter sheets which are 11x15

if you have pads you can use 12 x16 pads


General watercolor supplies like Tape, pencil, kneaded eraser, water container, etc.

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