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I teach a class in Libertyville, IL on Thursdays where we all paint the same picture. I teach that same paint-a-long again that evening on YouTube. Always check my website if I will be teaching the live classes that week before showing up. 

I teach a class on Saturday Mornings in McHenry where all the students paint their own subject matter. It is not like the Thursday class where we are all painting the same thing. Always check my website to see if I will be running the class that week.

Most every Thursday night on my YouTube Channel I do a Live Paint-a-long instructional video that is free for you to watch and try. I also have a Private Facebook Group page where you can display your work on and also use it to get feedback on your work or you can ask questions to things that you would like to know about with your work.

BeckerArt does workshops around the country and overseas.

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