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BeckerArt Float-Your-Pigment Blog Newsletter #210

Welcome to the FLOAT-YOUR-PIGMENT Blog #210

This week I am getting ready for all my summer workshops which include the one coming up next week at Dillman's, followed up with a couple of Dillman's Festivals. I then head to The Vermont Art Event, followed by a workshop in Ottawa, Ontario and then to Baldwinsville, NY. For info see schedule below. You will notice I am bringing a few new things to my newsletter and I will hopefully be changing and adding things for the better as I am trying to get the newsletter included as a blog on my website. You may be reading this on my NEW Blog right now... Welcome. One thing that I am working on is putting links on my site for all of you that shop regularly on Amazon. If you click first on the links in this newsletter or my website and then do your regular shopping on Amazon I can get a small percentage of the purchase to help pay for my monthly AWeber subscription, which is the company I use to bring you this email newsletter each week. I never will charge anybody for this newsletter but if you would like to help, a simple click HERE before you head to Amazon to do your shopping is greatly appreciated. Directly below are my 3 demonstrations that I painted in under 2 hours for the Geneva Lakes Art Foundation last Thursday. These were all done in Acrylics but painted like they were done in Watercolor. Learn these techniques next week in my workshop at Dillman's. The Festival and Workshop begin this coming Sunday so there still is time to sign up. They tell me that this class still has a bunch of openings, I can't believe it is not totally filled up as this is such an amazing deal. Students don't need to bring any materials because all the supplies are provided. Last chance to get a deal of the century, sign up HERE Yes To Class at the Civic Center in Libertyville, Thursday, May 30th 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm Yes To Class at the BeckerArt Gallery in McHenry, Saturday, June 1st 9:00 am to 11:30 am


Positive Encouragement

Every now and then I get asked if I ever say anything bad about a students work or I will get asked am I always so positive and encouraging to my students. No, to the first question and yes to the second. I don't ever want to discourage a student who is looking to learn from my teachings. I will, however, give as much advice and encouragement to every student that takes my classes and workshops in hopes that they keep up with their art even after they are away from my classes.

In my workshops, if I notice that a student is struggling and isn't doing a great job on a painting, I try to encourage them and let them know I am here to discuss with them what is wrong with the painting and I will try to teach them how to fix the painting or sometimes even tell them that it would be better to start over or to try the scene in a totally different way. I will always try to put a positive spin on anything that a student does. I feel it is better to put a positive spin on the problem instead of a discouraging spin. Watercolor can be really hard at times so I really feel it necessary to encourage a student that it will get easier the more you work in watercolor.

Learning to paint in watercolor can at times be a very hard struggle and I try to encourage my students to do whatever it takes to get through those struggles. I have had teachers in my past that have taught certain rules and discouraged me from trying certain colors, mediums, and styles and I believe that inhibits a students creativity. I will always tell a student if their painting is not up to their par, but I will try to let them know how they can go about making it right and I will try to put a positive spin on it. Getting discouraged and giving up is something I never want to see in my students.

There will be times I get a student in a workshop where they are totally down on themselves and their ability and then they will let it be known to the entire class. This usually happens because of the different levels each artist is at in the class, and if a beginner is next to someone that is advanced it makes the beginner feel down on themselves because they compare their work to other advanced students. I have learned from my past teachings that I now ask at the beginning of a class what level everyone is at and then I gear my teachings to each person based on their level since my classes usually have students from all levels. Students at different levels need different kinds of encouragement and challenges and I pride myself on helping each student as much as I can.

Some of my students may feel that I may be too nice to them and not hard enough on them as I am always positive about their work. I believe I can be positive and encouraging and still help you achieve your goal without being hard and demanding on you. One thing I always do is tell you the truth about your work and I don't need to say it sucks if it isn't your best work I'd rather encourage you to fix and learn from it and try again.

How does that song go...Don't Worry, Be Happy! David



NEW! Dillman's Acrylic WORKSHOP, Lac du Flambeau, WI, June 3rd - 6th

For Information Click Here

Dillman's Festival of Artists DEMO, Hibbing Minnesota June 7th

For info Click Here

Morris Watercolor Guild CLASS, Liberty ARTS Festival, Morris, IL. July 20th

For information Click Here

Vermont Art Event WORKSHOP Classes, VT, July 29th - August 2nd, Information to come

Ottawa, Ontario WORKSHOP info to come

Art and Soul Watercolor Group WORKSHOP, Baldwinsville, NY, August 12th - 14th, Information to come

Cheap Joes WORKSHOP, Boone NC, Sept. 9th - 13th For Information Click Here

Dillman's Watercolor WORKSHOP, Lac du Flambeau, WI, Sept. 23d - 26th For Information Click Here


Product of the Week

I like to encourage my students to every now and then try different art materials and even different mediums. You never know what trying something new will lead to. Sticking with a certain art supply when learning how to use it is very important, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with other mediums and supplies to grow your art.

I am adding a product a week to show you some of the products I have been experimenting with and I want to share them with you.

This week's product is Legion's Yupo medium paper. The first painting under the title of this newsletter was done on Yupo. This painting shows you the effects you can get on this paper which is a plastic type of paper. The paint doesn't absorb into the paper so it lays on top. It does take masking fluid really well and the masking fluid can be removed really easily. Some people hate this paper and some love it. Give it a try you may or may not love it, but you have to try to know for sure.


Question of the Week

Questioned Asked: Have you ever tried selling your artwork online.

Questioned Answered: Many years ago I sold my demonstrations on eBay and I did okay but I could have never made a living off those painting demos I was selling. I sold the watercolor demos at that time for around $25.00 to $75.00 dollars. Not the best prices but then again they were the demos I didn't know what to do with because they were not like my studio works, so it felt like I at least got some money for them.

I have never sold my studio works online but I keep on reading about many artists selling their work online. I will have to look into this someday to see how and if it is worth it to sell them online someday.

If you have a question that you want answered, write me at


Artist of the Week

I thought I knew or at least heard of most Chicago artist's but this week I came across another amazing Chicago artist that I had never seen or heard of. Love his work!

Mat looks like he does a lot of sketching in Chicago. Beautiful works check them out on his site or blog.


BeckerArt Brushes


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